ways to serve
There are different spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit gives them. There are different ways of serving, and yet the same Lord is served. There are different types of work to do, but the same God produces every gift in every person. ~1 Corinthians 12:4-6 GWT

Every Christian should recognize that God has called them to serve in their local Church. God uniquely qualifies each individual in the church to serve within the framework of their spiritual gift(s). Listed below are the ways that you can serve at Bethel. For more information, send an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and someone will respond to your inquiry.

  • Altar Team +

    Altar Team helpers come along side those in need with prayer and provide spiritual life-giving support. The Altar Team exists to help individuals have a God-encounter at the altar area of the church.

    Volunteers must:

    • be born again and spirit-filled as described in Acts 1:8
    • must know how to lead someone to Christ in the sinner's prayer
    • be able to provide information in reference to salvation and knowing God
    • be at the pastor's call to pray with and for others at services
    • be able to pray one-on-one with pre-Christians and returning Christians
    • be available on Sunday mornings
  • Baptismal +

    The Baptismal Ministry exists to fulfill the Great Commandment, "Go into all the world and baptize..."

    Volunteers assist with the execution of baptism by:

    • having a heart for fulfilling the Great Commission
    • preparing the baptismal room before and after the baptism
    • helping individuals in and out of the baptismal tank
    • safeguarding baptism candidates' personal belongings during baptism
    • serving on a Sunday morning on a quarterly basis
  • Bethel Christian Academy * +

    Bethel Christian Academy is Bethel's largest church ministry. This is a volunteer position and provides support required by the principal/vice principal for assisting teachers.

    • assists by filing, restructuring, copying, etc
    • must be a capable and willing listener and understand their commitment fully
    • works with teacher(s) and follows the directives of the teacher fully


    Bethel Christian Academy is Bethel's largest church ministry. This is a volunteer position and provides support to the BCA teachers at school events.

    • supports BCA school outside events; field day, field trip(s), or other recreational event
    • provides chaperone support (eyes on the children only)
  • Children's Ministry * +

    Using various methods, leaders and helpers guide, mentor and teach kids to be plugged into God and grounded in His Word. Sunday a.m. - LiveWires (30 months to pre-K); and PowerHouse (K-5th grade).

    Leaders and Assistants must:

    • love kids
    • love teaching kids about God (training provided)
    • must be willing to serve 1-2 times each month
  • Adult Choir +

    Bethel has a seasonal choir that usually consists of approximately 20 members. The choir comes together and serves every Christmas and Easter season, as well as other various special times throughout the year.

    Choir members must:

    • be able to match pitch with a pleasing tone
    • read music (if you can't, we'll help you!)
    • be faithful in attending the approximately 10 rehearsals during performance season
    • commit to practicing parts at home with practice CD
  • Cooks +

    Volunteers must:

    • must attend occasional training
    • must be comfortable working in a team environment as well as independently
    • should have a sense of culinary understanding
    • Must be clean and tidy at all times
  • Drama +

    Drama is a ministry for those who love serving through the arts. Drama is often a part of our seasonal ministry events at Christmas and Easter, as well as various times throughout the year.

    Drama Members must:

    • commit to practicing parts at home with practice CD or scripts
    • be faithful in attending the 10 (or so) rehearsals during performance season
  • Evangelistic Team +

    The Evangelistic Team follows Jesus Christ's last command on earth, that is to go and make disciples of people and baptize them. So they give the message through personal witnessing, tracks and bibles.

    Team Members must:

    • be born again, spirit filled believers in Christ
    • love telling people about Jesus' love for them
    • work in the neighboring communities, using creative methods, to share the Gospel
  • Food Pantry +

    The Food Pantry ministry reflects Jesus' teaching, "when I was hungry you fed Me" by helping with the 1st Baptist Church food bank.

    Volunteers must:

    • gather and deliver food and supply items from Bethel's food drop-off and deliver to First Baptist Church of Savage (our Community Food Bank)
    • be creative in discovering additional food resources such as coupons when available
    • be able to work independently
    • commit to a couple of hours of service each month
    • be able to serve during the week day
  • Forever Young Ministry +

    Forever Young is an active ministry for seniors age 60+. It is designed to encourage seniors to grow in their faith in Christ, to develop and strengthen friendships, and to provide opportunities to serve and reach our community for Christ.


    • assist the Forever Young Leader
    • help to plan and organize activities
    • assist in setting up the fellowship hall for Forever Young functions
    • enjoy working and being with people 60 and up
    • visit seniors (in the hospital, their homes, as needed)
  • Greeter Ministry +

    The Greeter Ministry involves more than just standing at the door and shaking people's hands as they enter the building. We help the Pastor fulfill the vision God has given him by making those who come through the doors of the church feel at home. Our responsibility is to help all who come to worship feel joy, sincerity, importance, peace and comfort.


    • must enjoy being with people
    • must have an awareness of current Bethel events
    • must attend occasional training sessions
    • must be willing to serve on a bi-monthly rotation
    • must be at an assigned door by 10:15 a.m. each Sunday
      • prior to the beginning of the worship service
      • must be dressed appropriately and wearing a smile!
    • must be at an assigned door for15 minutes after the congregation is dismissed
  • Health Care * +

    The Health Care ministry provides basic first aid as needed. Bethel is blessed to have several individuals in the church with a first responder background and are able to use their gifts and talents.


    • provide support to the Team Leader
    • must have a medical or first aid background
    • should be available to attend periodic on-site functions such as athletic activities where individuals may need medical assistance; not limited to but may include the annual children's Mega Camp, the annual church picnic, etc
    • should assist in hosting church wellness workshops
    • ensure the church has necessary basic first aid medical supplies
  • Host/Hostess Team +

    The Hosts and Hostesses welcomes all Sunday guests, especially the newer guests, in the auditorium prior to the start of the service


    • Must be ready to serve in their assigned seating area by 10:15 a.m.
    • Must have a pleasant disposition and like to meet people
    • Should be able to answer basic questions about Bethel Ministries
  • Ignite Christian Education +

    Ignite is the Sunday morning and Wednesday evening disciplship training classes designed to educate students at Bethel Assembly of God by focusing class content to fit the needs of all students, and unifying students of all ages genders, and groups. Students will be "ignited" with the Holy Spirit and changed from the inside out.


    • facilitate adult Bible-related studies
    • must have a heart for sharing Bible-related information and making disciples
    • must be available either Sunday morning or Wednesday evening for a minimum of one quarter per year
    • must know how to lead someone to Christ in the sinner's prayer
  • Life Groups +

    Home Groups are small groups of people who meet regularly in order to study the Bible, connect with others, and challenge each other to be more like Jesus. Leaders of Life Groups:

    • must have a friendly and outgoing personality
    • must be able to engage others in Bible-related topics
    • should help with developing social activities
    • must commit to one year
  • Maintenance Team +

    Maintenance Team ministry assists with small maintenance and clean-up projects at the church and/or the school. This ministry is ideal for those who can occasionally serve a few hours a week during the day. This person probably has the Spiritual Gift of Craftman (Exodus 31:1-5) or the Spiritual Gift of Service.


    • should know how to use basic "handyman:" tools
    • must be able to work independently as needed
  • Marriage Ministry +

    The Marriage Ministry at Bethel strives to facilitate healthy, intimate marriages. It supports couples at all stages of marriage - from engagement to experienced. We desire to cultivate an atmosphere of honest and open conversation as we learn from one another and build our relationships with one another and with the Lord.

    • must have a heart for seeing the marriages at Bethel flourish
    • must be willing to plan, help or assist in fellowship activities outside of the church
    • should have good communication skills
    • must be willing to serve at least monthly for a minimum of one year
  • Media Team +

    The Media Team serves the church by providing comprehensive media services for church events. Church events include Sunday morning worship, special services, and rehearsals.

    Volunteers should:

    • be committed and punctual to services and rehearsals for the assigned times
    • be technically inclined but training for operating sound and presentation software is provided
    • pay close attention to detail and not be easily distracted
    • work well in a team environment
    • have an ear for music
  • Men's Ministry +

    The mission of the Men's ministry is to build relationships and encourage men to experience the joy of Christ through fellowship, discipleship, service and evangelism with other men as iron sharpens iron. Men wishing to help lead this ministry should be expected to:

    • organize, develop, plan, and implement strategic curricula and events
    • identify the needs of the unreached men in the Bethel church and its community
    • identify discipleship needs within Bethel's male community
    • help the men of Bethel "catch" the vision that God has a purpose for each of them in ministry and to design and implement ministries that empower them
    • help the men of Bethel to launch into Spirit-anointed ministry and design ministries that support them
  • Missions Team +

    The Missions Team supports both home and foreign missionaries in tangible ways to express our love of Christ for them


    • must have a heart for reaching people who need to know Jesus especially in a culture different from their own.
    • should have a strong prayer life to pray for our missionaries
    • participate in periodic meetings
    • help to develop and organize the annual Missions Sunday event
    • assist in other missionary promotional activities as needed (e.g. Soles4Souls shoe collection)
  • MPact Girls Ministry * +

    mPact Girls Clubs is a program for winning girls to Jesus Christ through love and acceptance. Mpact Girls Clubs provides an environment of support and accountability while helping girls to develop their gifts and abilities. In addition, girls build lifelong relationships with mentors who encourage girls to be spiritual leaders.

    Sponsors must:

    • love kids
    • love teaching kids about God (training provided)
    • commitment to being a sponsor for one year with the ability to extend
  • Nursery * +

    The purpose of the church nursery ministry is to provide a welcoming, nurturing atmosphere for the nursery age children of our members and visitors, which honors the Lord and supports the parents in the care and education of their children, in a consistently safe, clean and wholesome facility through a caring, qualified, and motivated nursery staff.

    Volunteers must:

    • serve Wednesday or Sunday for toddlers and infants (2 months to 30 months)
    • love little ones
    • love caring for and sharing Christ's love with them
    • must be willing to serve 1-2 times each month
  • Outreach Ministry +

    The Outreach Ministry serves beyond the church doors promoting the Bethel family as an expression of Christ.


    • must have a helping spirit
    • must be willing to serve others
    • assist the Team Leader by organizing and helping with outreach activities such as hosting a tent at the annual Savage Fest, helping at the nearby homeless shelter, helping with the church Yard Sale, etc
  • Parking Lot Team +

    The Parking Lot Team members greet and wave to motorists before and after Sunday services.


    • must have a friendly disposition
    • must be willing to serve Sunday from 10:15 am-10:35 am and for 10 minutes after the service is completed
    • must try to serve as needed at special events such as the annual Sports Camp and extra holiday functions
    • serves every other Sunday
  • Photography Team +

    The Photography Ministry captures various Bethel events on camera which are later used for in-house publications and promotions. The purpose of the photography ministry is to document through the medium of pictures, the great and mighty works that God is doing through Bethel.


    • must have an understanding of how to use an SLR or video camera
    • should have an eye for composition
    • may have to attend rehearsals sessions prior to large special events such as the Christmas presentation to help anticipate capturing the best photographs
  • Prayer Team +

    Prayer Team members have a desire to reach God's heart as an intercessor for others. There are several prayer teams that prays for the many needs of the Bethel family.


    • must be born again, spirit-filled Christians
    • must spend time praying and studying the Bible regularly at home
    • should pray in one of the several prayer formats: 1) Sunday mornings prior to the worship service; 2) participate in the Tuesday morning prayer meeting; 3) during the week for the many needs sent via email
    • will find this to be an ideal ministry for seniors or shut-ins or those with limited transportation who can't get out but are able to pray at home
  • Royal Rangers +

    Royal Rangers is a mentoring program for future men. We provide Christlike character formation and servant leadership development for boys and young men in a highly relational and fun environment. Our mission is to evangelize, equip, and empower the next generation of Christlike men and lifelong servant leaders.

    Commanders must:

    • love kids
    • love teaching kids about God (training provided)
    • make a one year commitment with the ability to extend
    • enjoy outdoor activities (preferred but not required)
  • Special Needs Ministry +

    This ministry promotes full inclusion of those with disabilities in all of Bethel's ministries and activities. "Sensory Sensitive" services are scheduled quarterly in an effort to increase awareness of a variety of disabilities and what "meaningful inclusion" means. Children with various special needs are fully included in Sunday School, MPact Girls, Royal Rangers, and PowerKIDS.

    • must attend mandatory training and be Bethel certified to be in this ministry
    • understand the role they play in assisting other ministry leaders
    • willing to assist students as requested; not for the faint-hearted
    • knowledge of special needs individuals is a plus (but not mandatory)

    Due to this ministry being so sensitive, you must have the Senior Pastor's approval along with the Ministry Leader's recommendation to be in this ministry.

  • Sports +

    The mission of the adult Sports Ministry is to glorify Jesus Christ by promoting physical and emotional well-being and spiritual growth through sports, wellness and recreation. This is accomplished through similar interest in sports such as volleyball, bowling, and basketball to name a few.

    Leadership in this ministry should:

    • enjoy interacting with people
    • enjoy recreational activities
    • must be able to organize sports teams as the need arises
  • Usher Team +

    Ushers strive to make individuals feel welcome on Sunday morning, assist individuals find a seat, receive the tithes and offerings, distribute the communion emblems, and other duties as required.


    • must have a friendly personality
    • must be proactive and willing to assist individuals
    • must serve for a month at a time every other month
    • should have a knowledge of the church facility and location of church activities
  • Van Ministry +

    Volunteers who serve on the Van Ministry drive individuals to church related events around the Baltimore/ Washington area using the church Van.


    • must have a valid drivers license
    • must be at least 23 years old
    • must be free from vehicle accidents for a minimum of 2 years
    • understand state laws and abide by driving directives
  • Women's Ministry +

    This ministry is designed to encourage women to grow in their faith in Christ, develop and strengthen intimate friendships with other women, and provide opportunities to serve and reach out to our community.


    • assist the Women's Ministry Leader
    • help to plan and organize activities
    • assist setting up the fellowship hall for functions
    • enjoy working with other women
    • serve on committees
    • promote upcoming events
  • Worship Team +

    Volunteers on the Worship Team Music Ministry have a love for music and play and instruments. The goal is to create an environment for believers to passionately and freely express their adoration of God.


    • must have a strong skill level on an instrument
    • must have a basic knowledge of music theory
    • must be able to serve on a rotating schedule
    • must learn/practice their part in preparation for rehearsal
    • must attend Thursday evening rehearsal prior to scheduled Sunday
  • Young Adults +

    This ministry seeks to meet young singles wherever they are on life's journey. Composed of those recently out of high school to those in their early 30s, the Young Adult Ministry gathers regularly for study, worship, fellowship and service. We ask difficult questions, make connections between our faith and our world, support one another with prayer, and have fun together.

    Those desiring to serve in this ministry should:

    • be able to relate to young-single adults
    • be a team player
    • occasionally lead part of a meeting
    • help to organize social activities
    • have some working knowledge of social media communication
  • Youth Group * +

    The Youth Group is an exciting, fast-paced ministry where you can be as hands-on or behind-the-scenes as you want to be, and where you can directly impact the lives of students for God.

    Leader/Assistant must:

    • must adhere to the leadership of this ministry in all cases
    • must pass a thorough background check
    • attend youth services weekly (Fridays, 7-9pm or as identified)
    • arrive early (5:30-6:00pm, if work permits) for set-up and prayer
    • attend monthly youth leader meetings (scheduled Sundays following service)
    • must be willing to commit to serve for an entire school year, September – August (Applicants who apply later in the year must commit to serve until August, and
    • then can may renew their commitment in September for the next school year.)
    • must be involved in one of our specific ministries within youth department:
      • hospitality, small group leader, worship band, set-up/tear-down crew, prayer, snack shack, snow cone shack, sound/lighting tech team, etc.
    • must be committed to outreach-oriented activities for youth development
  • 1

* = Must complete Background check and must be a attender at Bethel Ministries for more than 90 days (3months)