What is AGORA?

Our name, AGORA, is a Greek word meaning public assembly or marketplace. AGORA was known in ancient times as the heart of the city where ordinary people traded items and communicated ideas. What a perfect way to describe the incredible Young Adults of Bethel.


AGORA is for anyone ages 18-35 who want regular opportunities to go deeper with God, find fellowship in community, and serve others in order to build the Kingdom of God. AGORA is a place where we encourage others to devote themselves to learn the word, to fellowship, and to prayer. It doesn't matter where you've been or what you've done, all are accepted in the AGORA family. Young adults from all backgrounds, social or marital statuses, are welcome to check us out.  

What is AGORA?

AGORA Young Adult Ministry is broken down into three pillars: Community, Spiritual, and Outreach.
    •    COMMUNITY: Join us for fun and fellowship at numerous activities throughout the year.  We host events like board game nights, hikes, basketball, coffee house/open mic, seasonal parties, and more.
    •    SPIRITUALITY: Are you ready to take your walk with God to the next level? We host Young Adult Home Groups in different areas of town. More details to come!
    •    OUTREACH: Don’t miss ongoing opportunities to put what you believe into action. Not only do we serve our local community, but we love helping out in the church body. AGORA hosts outreach and service events like spring cleaning, homeless outreach, and more.


Our AGORA Young Adult Ministry leaders are Brian & Annemarie Chamberlin. They are passionate about creating a culture of young adults who love serving Jesus and building authentic relationships with other brothers and sisters in Christ. Brian & Annemarie were married back in 2014. They love to spend time outdoors, compete in epic Bejeweled competitions, and travel. Both of them work full-time as contractors in Baltimore, MD.


For more information about upcoming events, find us on Facebook at facebook.com/BethelYAAGORA or Instagram instagram.com/youngabethel