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Our Vision

To purposely go to each man, reach him, teach him, and help him where we can to reach that level in their walk that will affect other men, the method in which he leads in his family, employment, and Christian walk, that will challenge him to experience God and be an example for other men to emulate.

What are the Real Key Ingredients in Being a Man?

First, a man needs another man to take him seriously that he really wants to be a man.

Next, a man needs someone to invest in him the significant ways helping him grow and become that called out one God wants him to be.

Lastly, he needs a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Then, once, he’s achieved the maturation he wants, he must invest himself in the lives of other men

Bethel Men’s Ministry is committed to building on a foundation that allows men to go even higher in life! We have the potential to make a significant difference in our lives as men, in our marriages, family relations, and also our church. Question is, how are we going to do it? 



We want God to be totally involved in our lives and in our ministry. We also know everything we do begins with God being our guide.  

Allowing The Word to Speak

An absolute dependence on the Word of God for daily living – we allow the Scripture to teach, lead, and guide us too.  

Ensure Every Man Knows They Count

We cannot expect this ministry to be worth much if men are not involved and they sense a real and purposeful reason for being a part of it. Many men make up the Men’s Ministry, but we have the addition of our pastor standing with us. It’s as if he too is in the huddle with us helping us make the crucial and deciding call for the outcome of our ministry.  

CALLING ALL MEN -- Get Excited About Who You Are As A Man!  

Understanding we are all in this together, rejoicing in our victories and figuring out our defeats and failures.  

Our partnership with other Men’s Ministries sets us up for victory, therefore, we engage in conferences, meetings/gatherings, and one-on-ones as often as we can. We put into practice learning and supporting each other.

Our Expectations are High 

We constantly make room for growth and development of men. We deliberately strategize for the next level of maturity as men and we are totally involved in the things that make us unique in Bethel; worship, evangelism, discipleship, prayer, service, and fun and enjoyment.

Our Men's Ministry Leader … Carl Palm

Carl has been a member of Bethel since 2002 and has served in many different capacities.  He has spent most of his time serving the Children's Ministry but he’s also led classes, been involved in training and equipping others, led or been involved in trips in mission, and he is instrumental in many of the lives of Bethel's youth. 

Carl also served as one of Bethel Ministries Leaders as a Trustee and in his current role as a member of the Bethel Ministries, Inc. Board of Directors.  He is excited to serve as the leader of our Men's ministry.

We believe amazing things will happen at Bethel, not only for the Men but for us in the future.